Tungsten Enameled Bands

Tungsten is an old Swedish name for a wonderful metal, discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1681. While in Germany and Slavonic countries for this metal the word 'wolfram' is used. It is becoming more and more popular with every day thanks to its very high-quality properties. Thanks to its enormous hardness, scratch free characteristics and possibility of permanent polishing, it is popular not only with jewelry producers, but also in other varied spheres of our life, such as building, electronics, computing, etc. In this part of Tungsten Bands collection you can see Tungsten Enameled Bands. Imagine how it will be worn on your finger! It will look splendid both on women's fragile fingers and also on men's strong ones. It is thanks to the fact that tungsten is really heavy, but it is because of this, it looks fabulously, serious, clutch and simple at the same time! Simplicity and elegance is its face. Buy it, enjoy it!

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Dura Tungsten Enameled 8mm Polished Band ringDura Tungsten Enameled 8mm Polished Band ringRetail Price: $70.95
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