Tungsten Beveled Edge Bands

Discovered in 18th century, tungsten is quickly walking all over the world. Today it is a well-known alternative to traditional jewelry metals: gold and silver. In general, of course not 100% tungsten is used in bands production, usually 85% of tungsten and 15% of other alloys are used. But this fact doesn't cut its advantages over the other metals used for jewelry making. In fact, cutting tungsten is just as tricky as cutting diamonds, so you can imagine how hard tungsten is and you may make a fair conclusion that tungsten jewelry will serve you hand and foot during long years of wearing. You won't have any problems with polishing or cleaning it, because it simply doesn't need it. Tungsten is not as expensive as gold, for instance, but it is much more solid than gold, which is soft. Tungsten Beveled Edge Bands are ideal for men, as they look strong, firm, safe and have one fascinating peculiarity (beveled edge), which gives them zest and comfort. All a man needs is found in these symbioses of style, vogue and trend.

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