Titanium Dog Tag Necklaces

A dog tag is short title for identification tags, which is usually worn by military men. They are called so, as they really look in some way like dog tags. Actually on these tags personal details of a man and some basic important medical information (such as blood type, for example) is supposed to be written. Soldiers are to wear these tags for the sake of their lives in its straight sense of the word: if some emergency cases happen, this tiny thing will be able to rescue person's life. Besides, at war soldiers were supposed to wear 2 tags on different parts of their body: one on the neck, the second on the hand, or other places, depending from which country they were. So if a man was killed and it was impossible to take the body away during the battle, then one of the tags was taken away, in case the body is lost, and the other was left on the body, in case it was lost. Nowadays Dog Tags are worn mostly because of fashion purposes and you can find not personal info on these Dog Tags, but some incrustation or pattern. Besides these Titanium Dog Tags Necklaces are so doggish!

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