Titanium Enameled Bands

Titanium Enameled Bands are in fact truly fascinating articles of jewelry to talk about. First of all it's titanium, which is a special metal, which has several very positive characteristics, which in their turn make it perfect for jewelry make. What is important for a metal of which rings, necklaces and pendants are made? First of all this metal shouldn't be very heavy, it should be strong enough, also it should be safe for the health of its wearers - all these traits are found in titanium. Then we also need to say a few words about enamelling process and enameled jewelry. Enamelling is a very ancient skill, which means creating various superb pictures with the help of crushed glass powder. The first known enameled things are known since 1500 BC and were found in Egypt. And during time, the technique of this art has been improving, new ways of creating enamels have appeared. There are three main techniques of enamelling: Cloisonne (the oldest one of three), Guilloche (round patterns on some metal articles), plique-а-jour (the most difficult and the most fine-looking of the three). Looking for remarkable gift or another little present for yourself - Titanium Enameled Band would be just what the doctor ordered!

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